• Private consultations :
  • Holistic aromatherapy based on the harmonization of chakras and subtle bodies and meditation to restore your physical and psycho-emotional balance in order to help you regain and maintain a state of perfect health.
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Mary Magdalene Festival – July, 20 to 28, 2021

Celebrate in a very special way the traditional festival of Saint Mary Magdalene, Patron Saint of Provence. The feast is organized by Association Santo Madaleno to which I belong for more than 35 years now. Torchlight procession, official opening of Mary Magdalene celebrations, parades in traditional costumes, solemn mass of Sunday and procession, ascent to the cave on July 22nd …
To, finely, Live an extraordinary adventure of awakening, transformation and wonder.
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Fall Equinox Journey –
September, 18 to 25, 2021

It is a moment to strengthen our interiority, before embarking on the deep winter journey. A time to return to basics, which opens up the interior space. In its infinite cycle, nature guides us through different phases that allow a gentle reconnection to our essential. Our feminine power, also cyclical, is in direct connection with its energy, and invites us in the autumn to introspection. Your senses awake, listen to yourself!
Co-led with Jill Sand, holistic yoga teacher
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