Black Virgins in Provence

Black virgins, witnesses of forgotten spirituality

In very remote times, the black color referred to positive and favorable symbols, beneficial and regenerating, as we can see with the iconography of the dark-tinted Gallo-Roman goddesses. People venerated them in underground crypts for their specific powers related to fertility and childbirth. Furthermore, people think that Christians are at the origin of Black Virgins, but the truth is quite different. Indeed, the worship of the Black Virgins is much older, since it descends from the worship of mother goddesses.

A black stone represented the Great Mother, which confirms the ritual and symbolic values of this color. In the Druidic shrines, this black-faced female figure was a gift giver. Indeed, they represented the different aspects of nature and its destinies: storms, shortages, drought, but also the great harvest and abundance of Earth. Her half-white, half-black face represented her duality. Her cycles encompassed all phases, all states of mind.

Their location

We can find them on intersections of telluric currents, sacred and divine, which are often symbolized by a snake. To renew their fruitful relationship with the land, the Celts used to make pilgrimages to these vital points. They soaked up its beneficial impulses and filled up with new energies.

In addition, the Virgins of the pagan and druidic tradition are also assimilated to the Egyptian goddess Isis, emblem of Mother Earth. At the beginning of the Christian era, the statues of Isis were in caves. They represented both Virgin goddess and mother goddess, holding her son Horus in his arms; these effigies became the Romanesque Black Virgins.

Provence shelters an impressive number of places with Black Madonnas.

With this journey, you will better understand how the cult of the Black Virgins developed from the Mediterranean Basin and ancient rites dedicated to Isis, Cybele or Artemis.

Come and discover these places with very hard vibrations, where it helps to heal the soul and the body.

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