BLOOM ! Mary Magdalene and the spirit of the flowers retreat

May 20 to 27, 2024

BLOOM ! Mary Magdalene, the perfume and the spirit of the flowers

“Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odor of the ointment.”
John -12:3

Join us to BLOOM ! with Mary Magdalene and the spirit of the flowers.
Because plants are the grandmothers of mankind. Since the dawn of time, mainly women have transmitted from generation to generation the knowledge of the virtues of trees, plants and wild herbs to benefit from their healing.
Of course, Mary Magdalene knew the secret of the plants and used them. That’s why she was a great healer.

What this retreat “Mary Magdalene and the spirit of the flowers” is about ….

A week in total immersion in a real oasis of greenery and freshness at the foot of the Sainte-Baume massif. This is where Mary Magdalene spent the last part of her life.
We find there all the diversity of the Mediterranean flora. The typical vegetation of southern Provence, composed of scrubland, holm oaks and pine forests, gives way at the bottom of the valley to a forest of beeches, hornbeams, lime trees, maples and yews.

The goal: harmonization with our body through contact with Nature, the practices of Walking, Creativity and Meditation and the use of essential oils.
Heal yourself with the magic of plants. Who and what they are? Why Mary Magdalene and the Myrrh bearers used them ? How to work with them in a traditional anointing ceremony ?
And have this miraculous experience of merging with plant spirits.

By studying aromatherapy, I went to meet this wonderful plant world. I understood the qualities of plants, no longer as intellectual knowledge but as an intimate relationship. Indeed, I was able to notice the link between their medicinal virtues and the emotions they awaken in each of us. How precious they are to help us free ourselves from our emotional armor. In other words, there is real wisdom and intelligence in the plant world.
Working with the soul of plants and using their energy, their qualities and their wisdom becomes a journey rich in sensations and discovery. Because we encounter the intelligence of a living organism that helps us reveal ourselves.

We will meet in nature together for meditation and contemplation as to what we are about to experience in this pilgrimage. To settle deeply in your body and your soul by the sweetness of a retreat with Mary Magdalene and the soul of flowers.

The highlights of “Bloom ! Mary Magdalene and the Spirit of the flowers”:

  • Saint Baume forest – Mary Magdalene’s Grotto
  • A special ceremony at the Cave of the eggs, a yoni cave, a sacred place of feminine power and presence
  • Paths conducive to meditation and rejuvenation allow you to discover natural treasures
  • Guided visits and teachings with Veronique Flayol & Collette Corcoran
  • Anointing oil workshop and anointing ceremony with Veronique,
  • Olfactive meditations,
  • Yoga sessions, meditations with Eugenie Flayol, Green yoga teacher specializing in yoga therapy
  • Psychospiritual explorations
  • Herbal Tincture and Flower Essence making
  • Plant Spirit Dream weaving
  • Intuitive Creative Art

Who are the speakers of the Magdalene and the flowers retreat ?

This retreat aims to allow you to lay down and recharge while reconnecting to yourself and nature.
Collette, Eugénie and myself offer you a unique and sacred experience, an aromatic Spiritual Journey through Magdalene’s natural sites and sacred forest. One week dedicated to meeting Mary Magdalene and the soul of plants to find the path to inner peace. In conclusion, a retreat combining the wisdom and soul of plants with Véronique, psycho-corporal support provided by Collette and body awakening movements by Eugénie.

Veronique Flayol, lecturer specializing in Mary Magdalene’s history

Veronique Flayol

Veronique will lead your retreat, alternating moments of teaching but also various workshops.
As certified in aromatherapy – Energetic aromatherapy – olfactory meditation, she will lead Aromatherapy / perfume workshop and anointing practices and olfactory meditations.
Human beings know the virtues of aromatic essences for tens of thousands years! Mary Magdalene, who belonged to the very elected group of myrrh bearers, made use of plants and ointments. In this workshop, you will learn  more about the history of perfume, Mary Magdalene and her knowledge on the virtues of the plants and how to have the benefit of the incredible power of the oils. That’s why you will compose your own unction to pay tribute to Mary Magdalene.


Eugenie Flayol, yoga and meditation teacher

Eugenie - Yoga meditation
Eugenie Flayol, yoga instructor

With Eugenie Flayol, Green yoga teacher and yoga therapist, you will discover that yoga is an accessible practice for anyone. No need to have practiced yoga postures, to be flexible, thin or acrobatic, because her yoga is practiced gently while respecting everyone’s abilities. Indeed, you just have to listen to your body, in full awareness of the present moment.

Collette Corcoran


Psycho-spiritual Teachings With Collette Corcoran (Founder of the Sacred Rose Temple Mystery School). Collette will lead you through psychospiritual practices that work within the other realms , with the spirit and creativity of the plants and herbs. Connecting energetically to the spirit of plants, communing with them , receiving information.


This retreat is for you if you:

  • want to bathe in the energy of nature, sacred forests and caves,
  • feel this desire, this call or the need to know yourself in a much deeper way,
  • need to find a new inner balance,
  • if for you it’s time to open up to this invisible part of you, to taste it and initiate the dialogue,

    Come experience the most profoundly deep and potent retreat experience we offer, a Spiritual and Plants adventure, May 20 to 27th 2024.
    It will allow you to dive into YOU, to open new spaces, to better understand and to integrate a more extended version of you.
    This is the beginning of a magnificent journey, that of discovery and self-knowledge.

You should fly to Marseille Airport in order to arrive Monday, May 20th (pick up at 2.00pm Meeting point – Starbucks Coffee – Terminal 1 – Hall A) and return home from Marseille Airport on Monday, May, 27th in the afternoon.

Attention, for the quality of the individual support, number of participants limited to 7 persons, on a first to reserve basis.
(Program may be subject to minor modifications)

OUR PLACE OF RESIDENCE : at the foot of Sainte Baume where Mary Magdalene spent the last 30 years of her life. Originally a place of pagan worship, it became a Priory in the 6th century. The current chapel built in 1646 houses a unique collection of ex-votos offered to thank St Jean Baptiste, protector of the place, for his many healings and many graces.

An old Priory the foot of St Baume mountain