Courtly Love and Cathar Women with Dr Joanna Kujawa

Dame Castlhoza, woman troubadour, XIIII

The troubadour women in Occitania with Dr Joanna Kujawa and Veronique Flayol

Again, for the second time, Dr Joanna Kujawa, author, seeker and scholar and I had an interesting conversation. The topics were the Cathar society and the troubadour women in Occitania at the 12th and 13th century. (You can still have access to the recordings of 5 episodes of a series of lectures on Mary Magdalene and the Cathars- here )

On one hand, homage is incessantly paid to these men, the troubadours, who walked from court to court and who sang poems in the vernacular. On the other hand, we rarely mention the troubadour women. Indeed, the “trobairitz”, in this literary genre, have played an important role, both from the point of view of its appearance and that of its development.
In the 12th century Southern France, women were equal to men. They owned castles, supported the Cathar movement with its original version of spirituality. They also created poetry and wrote about romantic love. We have samples of their poetry and songs in their original language. A treat for the heart and soul.

I have the pleasure to share with you this video. Enjoy !

Courtly Love and Cathar women – Veronique Flayol and Dr Joanna Kujawa

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