Easter with Mary Magdalene and the Myrrh-bearers

April, 3 to 10, 2023

“Noli me tangere” Crypt St Mary Magdalene – Orthodox Monastery of St Michel du Var

In the garden, near the tomb, Magdalene sees the risen Christ

When during Holy Week we hear the story of Christ’s Passion, His Crucifixion and His death, one detail inevitably strikes us: the faithfulness right to the end of a small number of people, mainly women, almost nothing is said elsewhere in the Gospel.
Texts as important as the Acts of the Apostles or the letters of Saint Paul, when they speak of the resurrection of Christ, do not mention the fundamental role of women as original witnesses of the Risen One! And yet, on Easter morning, Mary Magdalene and the Myrrh-bearers, went to the tomb while it was still dark.

Mary Magdalene, first witness of Jesus’resurrection

On Easter morning, before the empty tomb, Mary Magdalene cries, sick with love. She lost the one she loves and whom she followed to the foot of the cross. Since their first encounter, Mary had accompanied Jesus as a disciple accompanies his master. In him, she had found the certainty of being loved in truth and for all eternity. Now she had devoted her heart and her whole life to him. Mary Magdalene walks towards the cross. She walks towards the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus, in tenderness until the last farewell. It is to Mary Magdalene that Jesus announces his resurrection. Jesus continues to reverse the rules of his time, especially the one that wanted the testimony of a woman to have no legal value. And yet, yes, it is Mary Magdalene whom Jesus chooses to go and announce to the Twelve that she has seen him alive. It is on her words that the faith of the Church is built.

What this retreat “Easter with Mary Magdalene and the Myrrh-bearers” is about ….

Throughout this Holy Week, come and find Mary Magdalene in the lands of Provence where she spent the last thirty years of her life.
We have a lot to learn from this wonderful woman. How she moved the heart of Jesus! She is the first to whom he appears after his resurrection. What a gift to hear her name pronounced by the Risen Christ. Listen to the risen Jesus calling you by name.
This retreat aims to also, like Mary Magdalene, experience this encounter with Jesus which changes our whole life and gives it a new perspective.

The highlights of “Easter with Mary Magdalene”:

  • We will attend to the Easter Celebrations in the Orthodox tradition. Maundy Thursday: washing of feet and blessing of oils – Good Friday: Vigil of the Entombment – Easter night: the “New Fire” and blessing of Jove feasts and eggs
  • Meeting with Vadim Garine. Painter and iconographer. He realized the 700m2 of frescoes in the church of the Monastery. He will lead the creativity and sacred art workshops on the theme of “Mary Magdalene, and the red egg”
  • Yoga sessions, meditations with Eugenie Flayol, Green yoga teacher specializing in yoga therapy
  • Perfumes workshop and anointing with Veronique, (certified in aromatherapy – Energetic aromatherapy – olfactory meditation).
  • Myriam Tortosa, theologian and graduate of the National School of St Hildegarde, for a lecture on holistic healing by Hildegarde von Bingen, the invention of “feminine creation” and visit of the medecinal garden.
  • Intimate moments with Mary Magdalene at the Ste Baume Grotto and the crypt of the Monastery

Who are the speakers of the Easter retreat ?

Veronique Flayol, lecturer specializing in Mary Magdalene’s history

Veronique Flayol
Veronique Flayol, specializing in spiritual journeys

Veronique will lead your retreat, alternating moments of teaching but also various workshops.
As certified in aromatherapy – Energetic aromatherapy – olfactory meditation, she will lead Aromatherapy / perfume workshop and anointing practices.
Human beings know the virtues of aromatic essences for tens of thousands years! Mary Magdalene, who belonged to the very elected group of myrrh bearers, made use of plants and ointments. In this workshop, you will learn  more about the history of perfume, Mary Magdalene and her knowledge on the virtues of the plants and how to have the benefit of the incredible power of the oils. That’s why you will compose your own unction to pay tribute to Mary Magdalene.

Vadim Garine, artist and iconographer.

Vadim Garine
Vadim Garine, iconographer at St Michel Orthodox monastery

Three half day workhops will be devoted to creation. Accompanied by Vadim Garine, artist painter and iconographer who realized the 700m2 of frescoes in the church of the Monastery, you will discover the process of creation. And so, you will be invited to enter a universe of interiority in order to reveal your “I am”.

Eugenie Flayol, yoga and meditation teacher

Eugenie - Yoga meditation
Eugenie Flayol, yoga instructor

With Eugenie Flayol, Green yoga teacher and yoga therapist, you will discover that yoga is an accessible practice for anyone. No need to have practiced yoga postures, to be flexible, thin or acrobatic, because her yoga is practiced gently while respecting everyone’s abilities. Indeed, you just have to listen to your body, in full awareness of the present moment.

Collette Corcoran


Psycho-spiritual Teachings With Collette Corcoran (Founder of the Sacred Rose Temple Mystery School). Collette will lead you into heart, body, and mind through expansive spiritual practices during the retreat to bring the mystical, the magical and the Magdalene alive inside of you.


Myriam Hildegarde, theologian and graduate of the National School of St Hildegard

 Lecture / workshop to discover Hildegarde von Bingen : the invention of “feminine creation”
Doctor, botanist, musician, woman of power and visionary, she is part of the 4 women Doctor of the Church.
We will discover this nun as a healer for whom food, minerals, herbal teas and music are essential to our health.

We’ll end our session with a tasting and a visit of the medicinal garden

Celestial Garden…A gentle, enveloping and sacred vibration welcomes us and makes us leave this world for a while.. Infusion of Light.

You should fly to Marseille Airport in order to arrive Monday, April,3  (pick up at 1.00pm Meeting point – Starbucks Coffee – Terminal 1 – Hall A) and return home from Marseille Airport on Monday, April 10 in the afternoon.

Attention, for the quality of the individual support, number of participants limited to 7 persons, on a first to reserve basis.
(Program may be subject to minor modifications)

Domaine de cade, Flayosc – 10 minutes walk from the Orthodox Monastery St Michel du Var.

Domaine de cade, 10 minutes walk from the Orthodox Monastery St Michel du Var. https://www.cade-seminaire.fr/page-1