Fall Equinox Journey with Magdalene

September 16- 23, 2021

Connected to Mary Magdalene’s energies,
feel the fall vibes and reconnect with your fundamental frequency, your sacred feminine

Join us in this Fall Equinox Journey.
Connected to Mary Magdalene’s energies, Mother Gaia and the Ancient Goddesses, harmonize your heart with the primordial beat of the Earth, and let shine your divine.
Indeed, this is our biggest challenge: to let our inner light shine!
Neolithic sites steeped in spirituality and sublime landscapes arousing emotion, monumental religious buildings and shrines: each of them invites you to discover the sacred, in its universal dimension.

Who am I? What are my real gifts and talents? How can I best contribute to the great work of humanity?

Indeed, these are great existential questions that we all ask ourselves at one point or another of our journey on Earth.
Because we have been collectively conditioned to enter a competition and performance mold to be loved and recognized. But there comes a time when we can no longer pretend to be someone else, and our true nature seeks to emerge at all costs, even at the cost of disease or disillusionment.

Listen to this little voice that speaks to you and asks you to take time for yourself

Ideal conditions are offered: walks in nature, meditation, creative workshops. Coupled with yoga, this will allow you to reconnect with your essence of life and to be more easily listening to your true nature.
I am covinced that each of us here below has in herself a beautiful power to go forward and taste life, one step after another, in consciousness, slowly, in the precious of her sacred feminine.

Sisters, time is NOW !!
Join us
in this Fall equinox Journey with Magdalene.
A great inner adventure, rejuvenating and liberating,

in the heart of a beautiful and unspoilt nature.


TRAVEL DATES : You should fly to Marseille Airport in order to arrive to arrive Thursday 9/16/21 and return home on Thursday morning 9/23/21.

Thursday, Sept 16
Meet and great at the airport – Group Transfer to your hotel
Informal circle/gathering/welcome Cocktail and dinner

Friday, Sept 17
Daily excursion to Camargue. It is a wild, rustic area of salty marches, pink flamingos, bulls and white horses. According to the Tradition, Mary Magdalene and her companions landed in this town where the Rhône River meets the Mediterranean Sea.
After a circle and a yoga session on the beach, we will visit the fortified church and see the relics of Mary Jacobé and Mary Salomé and those of Sara, the black Madonna and Patron Saint of the Gypsies.
In the afternoon, we’ll have free time to explore the village and do a bit of shopping.

Saturday, Sept. 18
n the morning, we’ll depart for Aix en Provence. The first church of Aix en Provence was built on the site of the preaching of Maximin and Magdalene. That is why, erywhere in the cathedral, Mary Magdalene’s presence is found. We’ll end the visit at the 17th century chapel where a Black Madonna, Notre-Dame-de-l’Espérance, stands. She is carrying the Infant Jesus on her knees. Moreover, a dog, which some liken to the devil, is lying at her feet.
Then, free time to stroll around the colorful Provencal market

In the afternoon, you will discover the Roman Temple dedicated to Diana. Of the 3 remaining ancient temples in France, it is the only one still standing in the countryside. This Temple dedicated to Diana is dated from the 1st century BC.
Circle and yoga session in the countryside.

Sunday, Sept. 19
Today, we will drive to Abbaye de Valsaintes.
Perched at a height of 600 m in the middle of a vast natural bowl, surrounded by lavender fields, the abbey watches over a land which has been sacred since Prehistoric times. The Dragon rock, guardian of the promontory of Boulinette, broods its eggs as watches over the valley of Valsaintes. The quality of the rock and its siliceous soil make this unique site in Provence a place for going back to one’s roots and regaining vitality.
Circle and yoga session

Monday, Sept. 20
After breakfast, we will leave for the Tholos de la Lauve
This prehistoric tomb, the only one of its kind in the Var, was built around 2500 – 2000 BC . Undoubtedly, they are as old as the Pyramids of Egypt.
This is a collective grave. This monument is unique because the burial chamber is circular unlike other dolmens whose shape is generally rectangular.
Then, we will join the orthodox Monastery St Mary Magdalene with its beautiful frescoes. This will be the opportunity to talk about Mary Magdalene in the oriental tradition
Circle and yoga session

Tuesday, Sept. 21
We will begin the morning with an initiation to aromatherapy with a perfume workshop. Always identified by her vase of perfumes, Mary Magdalene crosses Christian iconography with great constancy. Thus, she gives the use of the nards a double aesthetic and theological dimension. You will compose your own perfume as a tribute to Mary Magdalene.

We’ll spend the afternoon at the Holy Mountain and focus on how Mary Magdalene calls us to the inner life. Drive to La Sainte-Baume, Mary Magdalene’s last home. We will silently hike up the mountain ascending the steep pathway trod for centuries by both famous and anonymous pilgrims who came to receive Magdalene’s grâces. (a journey that takes about an hour of strenuous walking). For that, we will pass through the ancient forest dedicated to the Greek goddess Artemis for 700 years, before arriving at the grotto. Inside, where Magdalene dwelt for 30 years, time seems to stop.
Circle and yoga session in the sacred forest.

Wednesday, Sept.22
Trees, stone and water, a day in the heart of a haven of peace at Saint Pons forest
Follow a river with sweet melody, breathe the pure air of a large forest and see the clear water of a waterfall? A peaceful place where all our senses are awake …
In this forest, in Middle Ages, was founded the Cistercian Women’s Abbey of Saint-Pons. Later, the place will be deserted in the 15th century, but the ruins remain. Moreover, the river Fauge flows in this place. It joins impetuously the Huveaune, the river that followed Mary Magdalene to join the cave.
Circle and yoga session

Fall Equinox celebration

The autumn equinox, with its day and night in equal parts, announces that the hour of the assessment and the harvest has come.
The baskets overflowing with fruit and the sap will go down in the bowels of Mother Earth.
Clearly, this is a time of the year for great insights into the decisions that guide our whole lives.
Indeed, the entry into the sign of balance and the mutations of autumn question us about our choices and our ability to perform them with the maximum of lucidity.

What about our spiritual being? What does our inner balance tell us? How did we use our time, our days, our nights to prepare this moment of assessment, of awareness, of sacred crops? Have we put our priorities in the right place? It is time to thank for the abundance and generosity of life, for the healthy crops that fill our baskets, for the saved seeds, the ongoing promises of life.

Thursday, Sept 23
Departure : After Check out, Group transfer to Marseille Airport

Veronique and Jill will be your guides

I am Véronique Flayol, lecturer specializing in pilgrimages and spiritual tours and certified aromatherapist. I was born in Provence and since my youngest age, I have a special devotion to Mary Magdalene. Also, a descendant of an old Provençal family and deeply attached to my origins, I have been involved for many years in the Association Santo Madaleno that upholds the traditions of Provence and the cult of St. Mary Magdalene. Every year, I organize the Feast of Mary Magdalene in Saint Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume. In 2008, I created my own tour company to share my love for her. After that, in 2017, I passed my  certification of aromatherapist. Indeed, I wanted to be able to work with the plants and the energy properties of essential oils. But also, better understand the lineage of myrrh-bearing women of which Mary Magdalene was part.

Jill Sand makes me the pleasure of co-leading this tour.
Jill is Holistic Teacher and Yoga Instructor. She offers Women’s Workshops since 2006. In 2007, she retired from being an elementary school teacher to be a yoga instructor. Jill has been certified through Yoga Alliance. She received her 100 hours certification of the Yogafit for Warriors in 2015. Jill is a Tantra Yoga Therapy Practitioner trained through Yogafit. Furthermore, she became an ordained minister through Universal Life Church in November of 2011.

Small group – limited number of places !!