Jill Renée Feeler – October 2016

Source de Nans - St Baume forest

Jill came with a group of 11 women and one man, we did the trip by bus.
I picked them up in Toulouse and we followed Mary Magdalene in Rennes les Bains, Rennes le Château and in the Cathars country.
Last days were dedicated to South East of France, I showed them places where she preached to convert the Pagans in Marseille with her brother Lazarus and in Les Saintes Maries de la Mer where the boat carrying the companions landed.
We finished by the grotto where Mary Magdalene spent the end of her life and by the visit of the Basilica where her relics are sheltered.

We had wonderful moments of total communion with nature and in places filled with high energy.

Jill is coming back with another group to do the sacred journey once more next October.

Rennes le Château            Mary Magdalene spring Rennes les Bains


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