Mary Battaglia & Eileen Coughlin – July 2016 and May 2017

St Baume forest - Sacred tree

I first met Mary and Eileen when they came by themeselves to prepare their tours.
They felt in love with the forest at the foot of the grotto right away !

Their latest group was of small size (5 participants) so I drove them in my own van, accommodating up to 8 passengers. We visited Mary Magdalene’s sites up to the South West of France.

We began at the St Baume Mountain and finished in Toulouse. We’ve crossed Provence and Languedoc, following Magdalene’s foosteps.

Testimonial left by Mary :

“Veronique has guided 2 groups for me on Mary Magdalene’s path.  Each trip I connected to Magdalene through Veronique’s passion, love and in depth knowledge of Mary Magdalene.  The woods at the Grotto have a special energy that drew me in.   I now know the truth of who Mary Magdalene really was, a powerful, strong and beautiful woman. 

The groups I have taken thoroughly enjoyed the trips, the food, the lodging and of course Veronique!!!  I highly recommend  Magdalene sacred tours.

Mary Battaglia, Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner, USA”

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