Mary Magdalene and the Cathars – Recordings

Mary Magdalene and the Cathars – Recordings

If you missed the previous sessions, you can find it in a recorded versions.

Episode 1 : ref. replay – MMC1

Introduction to the Cathar Movement :
Veronique, in order you can better understand the following sessions, will give an overview on the Cathar Movement. Origins and major dates, philosophy and beliefs, organisation of the society.
While Ewa, specialized in personal development and female leadership, has creativity as a part of her DNA. Indeed, she accompanies us to go forward and illuminate our path; to find our inspiration through creativity, poetry and paintings.
Moreover, we will have the privilege of welcoming my dear friend Kayleen Asbo as a guest speaker. She will introduce us to her ancestors Richard the Lionheart and her mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Duchess of Aquitaine and Countess of Poitiers, in the 12th century. Exceptional woman, who was Queen of France and then of England. Kayleen will take us to Beynac castle, in the Dordogne, one of their residence.

Episode 2 : ref. replay : MMC2

Women in the Middle Ages society and their commitment in the Albigensian Crusade :
We had the great pleasure of welcoming Kathleen McGowan, whom we warmly thank.

A session particularly rich in exchange. Indeed, we were able to honor these women who have so admirably resisted the cost of their lives for some to the Catholic oppressors.
By their courage, these “Bonnes Femmes” ensured the essential: the continuity of life despite hateful stalking and constant death threats. Their strength of character enabled Catharism to resist the Inquisition for over 100 years. Certainly because they were not equal to men. Indeed, in this mid-13th century, the weaker sex had never been stronger!

Veronique, explains what was the place of these medieval women in the Cathar society compared to the Catholics. How did they lived ? What was their commitment in the resistance against the Crusaders?
Virtual pilgrimage to Laurac, the place where Cathar women are incarnated

Episode 3 : ref. replay : MMC3

The Cathar’ beliefs about Mary Magdalene – The mystery of Rennes le Chateau :

The religious beliefs of the Cathars of the Middle Ages were very largely inspired by Marcion de Sinope and the Gnostic Gospels.
Their doctrine served as the basis for their dissident movement.
But the books and the humans who carried it were burned.
So, we will try to piece together the “puzzle” to understand what were the links between Mary Magdalene and the Cathars. What did they think of her relationship with Jesus?
And we will end with a pilgrimage to Rennes le Château to try to decipher the coded messages of Abbé Saunière.

Episode 4 : ref. replay : MMC4

Occitan culture : Miniatures, poems and troubadour women

Of all the regions where there have been troubadours, it is only in Occitania that “trobairitz”, women troubadours, have emerged. The situation of women was more favorable there than elsewhere in Europe. In the days of the trobairitz, the fact that a woman wrote using the themes of fin’amor was quite exceptional.They were pioneers who dared to appropriate the language of love, with images at times charged with eroticism and sensuality, in a world where this subject matter and discourse was already questionable —and provocative— coming from the mouths of men.

Episode 5 : ref. replay : MMC5

End of the Cathar era and the Cathar heritage

Many of the Perfects did not deny themselves, even at a time when the Cathar Church no longer had any chance of coming back to the light. In this episode, we evoke the last collective pyre of Montségur where more than 200 Cathars died and the story of Guilhem Belibaste, the last Cathar burned alive in 1321. His prophecy “After 700 years, the laurel will turn green again” stays in all memory. As a conclusion, “Do Cathars Still Exist Today?” : Answer in the replay !

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