Mary Magdalene and the Feminine Principle

Mary Magdalene and the Feminine principle

“The Christian universe is an incomplete world where the feeling and the feminine symbols of life have not been integrated”

Alan Watts, Love and Knowledge.

No Christian wonders how it is that two thousand years of Christianity in the Western world have not succeeded in eradicating all violence, as Jesus repeatedly claimed. This is because Paul tampered his message. The Church is first of all the Church of Paul that has completely eliminated the Feminine Principle.

And what, with Jesus, was to change the mentality of man has been erased from his teaching. Indeed, only the Gospels of Mary Magdalene and Thomas transmit the fundamental message of Jesus: the rediscovery of the “Feminine Principle”. For there is no love, peace and compassion possible in a world where only the word and the will of the male is expressed. Mary Magdalene is the comforter of the apostles. She is the Reformer; she represents the feminine world and its values buried in submission by the patriarchy. Mary Magdalene is the one who finally expresses herself, takes the floor again, who takes hold of the Logos reserved for the male until then. She reveals to us that the woman is the bearer of the message of peace and compassion.
Two thousand years later, it is high time to finally listen to her, and especially to understand her:
Peter : “Will we accept as possible that a woman has received such words from the mouth of the Master?”

Between the apocryphal Gospels (rejected by the Fathers of the Church in the 4th century, because contrary to doctrine) and the canonical Gospels, two totally opposite worldviews are revealed. Here is what Paul says in the 1st Epistle to the Corinthians, verse 34:“As in all churches … let women be silent in assemblies: they are not allowed to speak there. “

Mary Magdalene in the canonical Gospels is the one who breaks the duty of reserve. That is why she is assimilated to a sinner. Because at the time only men could access knowledge and study Torah.
Jesus broke free from this tradition by entrusting his word to women and by instructing them, and even, more in depth than the apostles. In several Gnostic writings, they are the privileged ones of revelation.
According to the Gnostics, Jesus came to restore the woman to her place and to put the male warrior on trial. They hide behind the law, the rites and the institutions while the woman brings love.

Mary Magdalene is the first to have seen the risen Jesus; not with “eyes of flesh”, but by “the enlightened vision of the prophets”. Jesus asks her to announce the event to the apostles and send them to evangelize around the world.
Peter does not understand. “Is it possible that the Lord spoke like this with a woman, about secrets that we don’t know? Do we have to change our habits and listen to this woman? Did He really choose and favor her over us? “” Jean-Yves Leloup, The Gospel of Mary.

Jesus called his disciples to become fully Human, that is to say to reintroduce the Feminine Principle into them: “Let us become the Human Being in its entirety, let it take root in us and grow as He requested. “Jean-Yves Leloup, The Gospel of Mary.
But they didn’t hear it!
Mary Magdalene being “whole”, could understand the Whole, have a global understanding of things, an un-fragmented understanding, because the Whole is indivisible.

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