Mary Magdalene in France

Mary Magdalene in France

The Devotional Tour with Dr Joanna Kujawa and Veronique Flayol

Dr Joanna Kujawa, author, seeker and scholar and I had an interesting conversation on Mary Magdalene in France. The topics were the Provencal Tradition, Sara and the Gypsy Tradition, Mary Magdalene and the Cathars.
I have the pleasure to share with you this video. Enjoy !

Mary Magdalene in France : Main sequences :

5:55​ the Provencal tradition and Mary Magdalene
49:36​ the Provencal tradition and Mary Magdalene: A Summary
29:06​ Who was Sara? Sara and the Gypsy Tradition
53:24​ Sara and the Gypsy Tradition: A Summary
36:45​ The Cathars and Mary Magdalene
54:39​ The Provencal Tradition is different from the Cathar tradition
42:04​ Veronique’s Tours and Programs in Southern France

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