Mary Magdalene, Saint Sara, Spirit of the Gypsy Heart retreat

August, 21 to28, 2023

Mary Magdalene, Saint Sara, Spirit of the Gypsy Heart

“Things have a life of their own, proclaimed the gypsy, with a guttural accent;
it is necessary to awaken their soul, the whole question is there.”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Meet Mary Magdalene and Sara the Gypsy and the Gypsy community for a unique pilgrimage !
This pilgrimage is remembering the joy of wild adventure, the absolute magic of nature and its love affair with our souls, the beauty of culture, and the wandering hearts that remind us of our own wandering hearts. How do we hold such passion & flamboyance for life in difficult times? and truly embrace the magic, the beauty, the aliveness of our soul? The Camargue and all she holds will remind.

What this retreat “Mary Magdalene, Saint Sara, Spirit of the Gypsy heart” is about ….

We will meet in nature together for meditation and contemplation as to what we are about to experience in this pilgrimage. How the gypsy heart of Magdalene landed in these lands and the journey she took against all odds. The journey we will take will be a spiritual , emotional as well as a physical, exploding your gypsy heart open !

The highlights of “Mary Magdalene, Saint Sara, Spirit of the Gypsy heart”:

  • Saint Baume – Mary Magdalene’s Grotto
  • Flamingo national park
  • THE BLACK MADONNA – Saint Sara
  • Saintes maries de la mer – Camargue
  • Boat excursion
  • Aigues Mortes
  • Carmargue famous pink salt pans
  • Guided visits and teachings with Veronique Flayol & Collette Corcoran
  • Perfumes workshop and anointing with Veronique, (certified in aromatherapy – Energetic aromatherapy – olfactory meditation).
  • Yoga sessions, meditations with Eugenie Flayol, Green yoga teacher specializing in yoga therapy
  • EXCLUSVE: Closing day at Ame Bohémienne for a dinner and flamenco night

Who are the speakers of the Gypsy spirit retreat ?

Veronique Flayol, lecturer specializing in Mary Magdalene’s history

Veronique Flayol
Veronique Flayol, specializing in spiritual journeys

Veronique will lead your retreat, alternating moments of teaching but also various workshops.
As certified in aromatherapy – Energetic aromatherapy – olfactory meditation, she will lead Aromatherapy / perfume workshop and anointing practices.
Human beings know the virtues of aromatic essences for tens of thousands years! Mary Magdalene, who belonged to the very elected group of myrrh bearers, made use of plants and ointments. In this workshop, you will learn  more about the history of perfume, Mary Magdalene and her knowledge on the virtues of the plants and how to have the benefit of the incredible power of the oils. That’s why you will compose your own unction to pay tribute to Mary Magdalene.



Eugenie Flayol, yoga and meditation teacher

Eugenie - Yoga meditation
Eugenie Flayol, yoga instructor

With Eugenie Flayol, Green yoga teacher and yoga therapist, you will discover that yoga is an accessible practice for anyone. No need to have practiced yoga postures, to be flexible, thin or acrobatic, because her yoga is practiced gently while respecting everyone’s abilities. Indeed, you just have to listen to your body, in full awareness of the present moment.


Collette Corcoran


Psycho-spiritual Teachings With Collette Corcoran (Founder of the Sacred Rose Temple Mystery School). Collette will lead you into heart, body, and mind through expansive spiritual practices during the retreat to bring the mystical, the magical and the Magdalene alive inside of you.




You should fly to Marseille Airport in order to arrive Monday, August,21 (pick up at 1.00pm Meeting point – Starbucks Coffee – Terminal 1 – Hall A) and return home from Marseille Airport on Monday, August 28 in the afternoon.

Attention, for the quality of the individual support, number of participants limited to 8 persons, on a first to reserve basis.
(Program may be subject to minor modifications)

Le mas de mon Père
Route de Cacharel
13460 Saintes Maries de la Mer