I offer you these Mary Magdalene online pilgrimages to make you discover the places where she spent the last years of her life.

Throughout the Gospels, we see Mary Magdalene evolving on her personal path, her becoming towards this initiate, this contemplative of whom the Gospel of Mary speaks. Her route is that of the feminine that we find in each of us, a path to fulfillment.
Her beauty, her seduction, her repentance, her tears on Christ’s feet which she wiped with her long hair, the vase of perfume that she poured out, the forgiveness she obtained from it, her pain near the cross and the tomb, her privileged presence at the resurrection, her arrival in Provence and her contemplative solitude in Sainte-Baume make her the model of absolute love.

Mary Magdalene fascinates: she is an interrogation on love, sin, femininity and the sacred.
Yet she remains deeply enigmatic….

What is the purpose of this Mary Magdalene online pilgrimage?

As you can’t come to Mary Magdalene, Mary Magdalene comes to you.

So, join our Circle of Magdalene’s friends. Follow her in Provence from the coasts of Camargue where she arrived to the Saint Baume mountain where she ended her life. Engage fully with the experience, till you could come to experience it by your own.
Take this time out for yourself. Turn off all distractions and give yourself these moments to call your soul you own.

Let her cover you with her coat of compassion and benevolent protection. Let her guide you on her path, that of love, that of healing, that of consciousness, that of light. The path that leads to your heart….