Paula Lawlor – First evangilization of Provence, every year since 2013

Group at the Basilica of St Maximin

Paula and I had designed this tour in our mind several years ago, but it remained only a dream. Each one knew of the other but had never spoken. It wasn’t until October 19, 2012, in front of the Basilica of Saint Mary Magdalene at Saint-Maximin, that we met and spoke for the first time. And it was that day that we both realized we could finally fulfill our dream to organize a tour. We both believe it was “MADO” who put us together. (Mado is the kind name we call Mary Magdalene with my friends and companions of the Association Santo Madaleno).

Paula and I organized the first Novena Tour of PROVENCE to Saint Mary Magdalene in July 2013.
Since this year, the groups could attend the Magdalene’s feasts during the week around the 22nd of July (Magdelene’s feast day) with some processions and many Provence secular traditions held up by my Association Santo Madaleno.

PS : On that picture, I wear the traditionnal Provençal dress dating back to mid of the 18th century.

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