Pilgrimages in Provence

Mary Magdalene pilgrimage in Provence : following her footsteps to the grotto

Mary Magdalene pilgrimage in Provence is one of the most ancient in Provence. Indeed, in the fifth century,  Saint Jean Cassien established the first community of monks at the foot of the Sainte Baume mountain. They were in charge to welcome the pilgrims and to look after Mary Magdalene’s relics.

I invite you to follow her footsteps in the Sainte Baume mountain and in Cathar country and find the spirit of the past that merges with the present.

Because I am deeply attached to traditions, I am particularly keen to perpetuate Mary Magdalene pilgrimage. You will walk along the paths frequented for centuries by numerous famous and anonymous pilgrims.

I will share with you these places particularly charged with sacred energy and filled with Mary Magdalene vibration.
In the heart of the Sacred Feminine, you will re-connect with Nature and the Mother Goodess.

Prepare yourself to experience the healing properties of these powerful connexions….

…. And, finally, listening to Nature, you will find your inner-self…