Jill Renée Feeler’s Mary Magdalene retreat, October 2018

Jill Renée Feeler’s Mary Magdalene retreat, October 2018

Another Mary Magdalene Sacred Journey
with Platinum Age

Two years after the first journey, I had the pleasure to meet again my dear friend, Jill Renee Feeler, Platinum Age, from September 30th to October 6th 2018.

From Carcassonne to the Sainte Baume grotto, following Magdalene’s footsteps.

A beautiful human adventure in which we shared unique moments in total communion with nature, the world around us, Jesus and Mary.
Back to the sources, to the meeting of past civilizations, the Celts, the Druids who lived in harmony with the Universe and honored Mother Nature.
At the Dolmen of the Fairies, the Seat of Isis and the Trembling stones, like them, we connected to our deepest roots and found the energy of our soulful vibrations.

We went to meet the Cathars at Minerva, we respectfully walked in their footsteps. In Rue des Martyrs, we could feel the strength of the 180 or so people who preferred to give their lives and died on the stake for refusing to renounce their beliefs, rooted in direct mystical contact with the Divine.

Following the coast in Camargues

We visited the tiny and picturesque fishing village of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in Camargues. It is a wild, rustic area of salty marches, pink flamingos, bulls and white horses. According to the Tradition, Mary Magdalene and her companions landed in this town where the Rhône River meets the Mediterranean Sea.


Marseille, the oldest place of worship

Marseille was another of our destination. Indeed, Mary Magdalene and her brother, Lazarus, founded there the first Christian community. Before she retired to the Saint Baume cave, she converted the Pagans, preaching on the steps of the Roman temple of Artemis. After a panoramic view on th balcony of Notre Dame de la Garde, we visited the crypt of Abbaye de Saint Victor. This is the most important and oldest Pre-Christian burial place in Europe. In this place, we could feel such a powerful energy. We imagine the life of the first companions, obliged to hide themselves to practice their worship.


The Sainte Baume mountain and the grotto

The most important moment of our journey, to my mind, was, above all,  the legendary grotto in the Sainte-Baume Mountain. Mary Magdalene retired there to spend the rest of her life in prayer and contemplation after preaching and performing many miracles in the region.
We crossed the relic forest, a place of healing and transformation. This ancient mystical forest of la Sainte Baume has many levels of magical beauty. Inside Mary’s grotto, the energies were so strong that we could feel it pass through our body ! The visit of the crypt of the Basilica at Saint Maximin remains in my memory as an intense moment of emotion.

  This little beetle was our lucky charm. It was on every step of our journey            

Finally, we visited the Temple dedicated to Diana, the only one in France still standing in the countryside. At the Rock of Virant there are wells and lines carved in the rock. The lines represent Telluric currents. This rock was the place of an initiatory process linked to the cult of Mithras.


After that, to celebrate the end of our spiritual journey, we had the pleasure to share a glass of wine in the cellar of Château Bas.

At the end of this unique experience, I want to thank these beautiful people for all they have given me : attention, kindness, love and the assurance that we must all witness Mary’s story, her infinite love for Jesus, and be her messengers around the world.

A kind of wonderful human adventure that transformed our lives, and after which we no longer feel the same !











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