Prayer to Gaïa, our Mother Earth

Prayer to Gaïa, our Mother Earth

“When the last tree is cut down, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, only then you will understand that money cannot be eaten. » Prophecy of a Cree Native American

At the beginning of this year, I would like to pay tribute to Our Mother Earth, Gaia

Dear Mother Earth,

You gave us birth, you carry us and feed us

You are the mother of all species, not just humans. We see the whole universe in you and you in us. But, some of us do not have this awareness. Indeed, we often lose ourselves in oblivion, unable to recognize that our own body is also yours. Completely drowned in our scattered thoughts or in the world of illusions, we forget that you have offered us a wonderful body.

Because of our ignorance and inattention, we poisoned clean air and clean water. For financial gain, we have reduced green forests to barren wasteland.

In our desire to possess more and more, we have stripped your creation and led many creatures to extinction. For some time now, we have been realizing that our patterns of consumption and waste are leading us into a dangerous future, especially in relation to the climate on Earth.

You want us to live in such a way that at every moment of everyday life we can engender the energy of mindfulness, peace, solidity and love. At the dawn of this new year, let us wish to do as you wish. I firmly believe that if we, as humans, continue to generate these healthy and positive energies daily, we can help relieve suffering on earth, especially that caused by war, poverty and disease.

Every time I sit quietly on you, my Mother Earth, aware that you are in me, I aspire to embody your great qualities: patience, endurance, loyalty, solidity, non-fear, great courage, unlimited creativity.

All your children, who are also my Brothers and Sisters, are beautiful and have helped to make you more attractive. A clear lake, a green pine, a pink cloud, a snowy mountain peak, an embalming forest, a white dove … all these beautiful events are your children. Each can make you more and more beautiful each day. We are your children and we are at the same time you since you are fully present in each of us

You keep in your heart immense treasures of energies, we promise you to use them carefully not to dry them up.

We promise you to walk carefully every day, fully aware that we are laying our feet on you and that at every step we can come into contact with you, with the wonders of life that are manifesting on your body.

Perfectly united body and mind, I bend with gratitude to you, our compassionate Mother Gaia, Pure and Fresh Land, who nourishes all species, protects and heals them continually.

I hope that peace will come to our beautiful planet, be loved, protected and helped.

No matter where we are in the world, energy has no boundaries.

So, join forces Brothers and Sisters, Craftsmen of Light and participate in the birth of our new World.

Blessed be Life…

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