Sacred Feminine, Cult of the Mother Goddess of Origins

venus de laussel

The cult of the Universal Mother Goddess of Origins is a matrician cult that venerated the original power of women. The Woman was magical like Earth. She gives life and nourishes it. Such was the power before which one bowed. The link between the Earth and the Woman gives birth to the cult of Mother Goddess, fertile and nurturing.

Venus of Lespugue,
−26 000 to −24 000 BP

In those times women bore the life, the life of the clan organized around the relationship between mother and child.
The symbol of the snake is associated with the matrician cult of Mother Goddess of origins. People venerated the standing stones as points of accumulation of energy, points of acupunctures: the Cosmic Eye of the Goddess. moth-googddf-o

6000 years ago, we stopped worshiping the Earth and the feminine element.

The agricultural revolution has upset the relationship to the land. We stopped to accept the benefits of the Earth to master its prodigious forces. When man settled down, he wanted to own and master the Earth and then the Woman.

The symbol of the “conqueror” replaced those of the Mother Earth and thus the place of women in society. Deprived of this power, the woman has lost the freedom to be a carrier of life and vitality.

The cult of the matrix has been demonized. Many interpretations of the book of Genesis make the woman responsible for the fall of Man, simply because it is at the initiative of an act that will result in separation from the divine. Thus, one accused of hurling humanity into darkness, suffering and death.

Original sin - cathedrale of Arles
Adam and Eve, Cathedral of Arles

But, what has been separated can be reunited again. The reconciliation of Man and Woman is this communion between the energy of life and the energy of the heart. The masculine bearing the feminine and vice versa.

The RECONCILIATION and UNION of these masculine and feminine principles begin with WOMEN,

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