Sainte Baume mountain

Sunset on the Sainte Baume mountain

An adventure of awakening and wonder in the Sainte Baume mountain

Our ancestors have bequeathed to us a legacy of holy places like the Sainte Baume mountain , set in a living landscape full of symbolism, power and beauty.

  • Discover the St Baume mountain, the relic forest of the Druids and of course, Mary Magdalene’s cave.
  • Visit the fishing village of Les Saintes Maries de la mer where the boat landed and also the city of Carcassonne, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Follow the Route of the Black Madonnas in Provence and Languedoc.
  • Submerge your body in the Hot Spring of Rennes les Bains.
  • Discover the story of the Cathars, their philosophy of these people, called “the Perfects” and visit one of their castle.
  • Listen to the mysterious story of the treasure of Rennes le Château and more…



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