The Cathar Dame Guiraude is one of the 13 women in “The Return of the Witches pilgrimage”

The story of Dame Guiraude

With Janet Conner and Veronique Flayol

Do you want to know the story of the Cathar Dame Guiraude de Lavaur?

Janet Conner invited me to participate to this sacred 13-week story, prayer, and listening walk to name, remember, listen to, and pray with 13 women condemned by patriarchy and gather the courage to heal our personal and collective wounds so we can, at long last, create a culture of reverence.
I will be part of this Circle to share the story of Dame Guiraude, a noble Cathar woman, who resisted heroically to the Catholic army during the Albigensians crusade and gave her life to refuse to recant her faith.
I have the pleasure to share with you this bonus video. Enjoy !

Interested to know more about the Cathars, their story, their life, their link with Mary Magdalene ? you can join the series of 5 online conferences here.

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