The perfumes of Mary Magdalene


Mary Magdalene and the alabaster jar of perfumes

Always identified by her vase of perfumes, Mary Magdalene crosses Christian iconography with great constancy, and gives the use of the nardes a double aesthetic and theological dimension.
She expresses her faith in amorous terms, under whose delicacy takes subtle forms of the most spiritual perfumes.
Through the different gospels we see that she makes an insistent use of perfumes.

The loose woman, but of easy condition cultivates the art of the seduction. She knows the voluptuous effects that produce the various refined essences. She is able, in a heartbeat, to buy perfumes for three hundred deniers, almost the annual salary of a laborer. This is a considerable sum which would have effectively fed thousands of poor people like Judas blaims her.
Such a debauch of luxury and sensuality expresses a thousand times better than any word the price that Jesus represents for Magdalene.

When Mary anoints Jesus, she reveals his deep nature, the fact that he is Christ. And when Jesus is resurrected, perfumes occupy an important place. Better than speeches, they translate this path between the material and the spiritual.
On her arrival in Provence, Mary Magdalene called “the Anointing Carrier” will transmit to the Druids the secret and mysterious use and language of flowers, plants, roots and resins.

Through this seminar, you will be able :

  • To discover the route of Mary Magdalene in Provence, the places she attended
  • To learn the virtues of essential oils through different workshops, . You will compose your own perfume, trying to imagine that of Mary Magdalene. To compose this perfume, you will associate 2 or 3 types of essential oils: “base notes”, “notes of heart” and “notes of head”.
    You’ll make and take away your creation to remember fragrances of Provence.

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